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Telephone Call Recording

CallTech provides business telephone recorders for call centres and offices around Australia. Red Box recorders are most commonly supplied as they are reliable, easy to use and suitable for almost any organisation, regardless of its size.

Telephone Call Recording

Recording Multiple Telephone Types With a Single Red Box Recorder

Red Box recorders can record a variety of telephone types including VoIP/SIP, analogue, digital/TDM and even trunk side ISDN recording. Some businesses may use a combination of these telephone technologies and even add radio to the mix which can all be recorded with a single Red Box recorder!

A Red Box system can be configured to record calls from most of the major telephone manufacturers. CallTech has installed many recorders around Australia to integrate with telephone systems including Aastra/Ericsson, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic and Telstra.

Case Studies

CBH Group

The CBH Red Box Recorders began life as 2 separate physical recorders capturing and recording calls from Cisco telephones. One recorder was sitting in the CBH Perth office, the other in their Melbourne office. With technological advances in the Red Box software and CBH Wide Area Network these recorders have been merged into a single recorder running on a virtual machine at the CBH Perth office. The ability to record calls from 2 separately located phone systems in a single virtual recorder has made it much easier to manage and cheaper to run. A single virtual machine means less hardware to maintain and less power is required.

WA Police

As you could imagine, a ludicrous amount of telephone calls are made to the WA Police Operations Centre and Police Assistance Centre 24 hours per day. These calls are all recorded and archived by CallTech supported Red Box recorders.

Royal Flying Doctor Service (WestOps)

The RFDS Recorder needs to record calls to the Jandakot call centre but also record calls transferred off to doctors’ mobile telephones. This is achieved by recording the external lines coming into the call centre. This Red Box recorder was originally capturing calls across ISDN trunks but moving with the times it is now recording from SIP trunks.