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CallTech Recorders

CallTech is a call recording specialist. We supply call recorders to Australian businesses to record telephone calls and two-way radio transmissions. We install, maintain and provide training on the different recorders that we sell.

Because telephone and radio systems are so diverse, so are the recording solutions we provide. We supply 4 proven recording solutions to cover just about any telephone or radio system you want to record. Below is a brief summary of each recording solution we supply.

Red Box – now part of Uniphore. CallTech has been installing these recorders since 2008. Uniphore recorders have a very simple web interface that makes it very easy to find and replay recordings. Uniphore recorders can also record a variety of telephone and radio systems on a single recorder.

Eventide NexLog Recorders – this is a very robust recording solution suitable for law enforcement, public safety, transport, mining, oil and gas. Eventide is based in the USA and has been around for 50 years! Eventide has a few different recorders to suit your needs including, virtual recorders, rack-mount recorders and rugged mobile recorders that can be installed in vehicles. Like Red Box, Eventide can also capture calls and transmissions from a variety of sources in a single recorder.

Dubber – the future of call recording. Dubber is an Australian company which specialises in cloud-based recorders. If you want to record Webex, MS Teams, Zoom or RingCentral then Dubber is the recorder for you. If you use Dubber for call recording in Australia then your call recordings will be stored across 2 separate Australian based recorders. This gives you a reliable and secure cloud-based recording solution.

Recordari – a tiny baby recorder when you need to record a single telephone or radio console. Recordari is a CallTech product so you know it’s great quality! Recordari is not much larger than a mobile phone and simple to install. These are used to record office telephones, repeater stations for emergency networks and hand-held radio units in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

If your organisation requires call recording, please contact us for a suitable solution.