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CBH Group Grain Trading Centre

Australia’s No.1 Co-operative. Creating & returning value to growers.

CBH Group Call RecordingThe CBH Group owns and manages one of the most sophisticated grain storage and handling networks in the world. Through its ports and country receival points in Western Australia, CBH provides an efficient, safe and competitive service to growers cultivating grain over more than 300,000 square kilometres of our vast State.

A co-operative with operations extending along the value chain from grain storage, handling and transport to marketing, shipping and processing, The CBH Group is owned and controlled by the more than 4,500 individual grain growers who make up the co-operative. Since its establishment more than 75 years ago, the Group has constantly evolved, innovated and grown. Its core purpose being to create and return value to growers.


The Issue

The CBH Group operates a grain-trading centre where farmers in the co-op call in to negotiate the price and volume of grain to be on-sold to CBH. These contracts are typically negotiated prior to harvest and the potential for disputes increases if the farmer has not recorded the price/volume details. Over time, the level of disputes with farmers had risen to a considerable amount. With no formal record of any agreement on volume or price, resolution of these disputes was previously difficult to achieve.

Red Box Recorders has a solution to just about every issue that involves call recording and monitoring of communications.


The Solution

CallTech installed a Red Box Call Recorder connected to CBH’s Cisco telephone extensions for the grain trading area. After a call CBH staff can label the call recording with a contract number and additional call notes. This makes it simple and fast to find all related recordings when required and get a detailed call history for a specific contract.

If a farmer disputes the details of the verbal contract that was negotiated, it’s easy for CBH to find and retrieve the call recording concerned. The recording can then be replayed to confirm the details and emailed to the farmer as an audio file. All call details captured by the Red Box Recorder and additional notes entered by CBH employees can also be sent to the farmer. Enabling a farmer to playback the call has resulted in a significant reduction in disputes.

CallTech’s expert programming team can design and develop custom solutions to suit all clients needs, no matter what the application.

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