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South Australian Sea Rescue - Radio RecordingThe South Australian Sea Rescue Squadron was officially formed on 9 May 1960 and it was in that year the squadron purchased its first radios – handheld sets with a range of just 5 miles in perfect conditions!

Three years later the Squadron purchased long-range high frequency radios with a practical range of 200 miles. From that time the business of Search and Rescue took on a new meaning and a requirement for an increased level of professionalism. A totally volunteer unit serving the boating public in waters around South Australia, The Sea Rescue Squadron has bases in the Adelaide Metro area, Wirrina, Edithburg, the Copper Coast and along the extremities of the extensive South Australian coastline. Marine radio base stations are scattered throughout the state and keep a listening watch on all of the marine radio emergency channels.

The Issue

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) South Australia provides a VHF Radio Network that covers the extensive South Australian coastline. This radio network is used to provide important information on boating conditions and to coordinate sea rescue operations. Each of the remote base stations has an Omnitronics IPR400 gateway device that connects it to the statewide Radio over IP (RoIP) network.

The issue faced by the Department was how to capture, link, record and monitor all of these station transmissions on one secure network.

Enter CallTech and Red Box with the answer!

The Solution

In June 2011 CallTech provided a single Red Box Recorder to capture all radio transmissions across the VoIP network. The success of this recording solution is a result of CallTech’s work with Omnitronics, which led to a refined recording product that integrates perfectly with the Omnitronics IPR devices.

In 2013, when Omnitronics released its new DX-Altus Digital Radio Management System and Digital Radio Gateway device (DRG-100), CallTech returned to the Omnitronics labs for further testing.

This extensive testing proved beyond doubt that a Red Box Recorder is the ideal recording solution for any digital or analogue radio devices connected to an Omnitronics RoIP network.

CallTech’s expert programming team can design and develop custom solutions to suit all clients needs, no matter what the application.

Just another reason why you can count on CallTech.