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Uniphore Recording

Uniphore is a conversational AI company. Their Quantify voice recorder (originally from Red Box) is a commercial telephone and radio recording system that’s extremely reliable and easy to use.

It’s an ideal voice recording solution for call centres, financial services, healthcare, government, mining, oil and gas, police and emergency services. A Quantify recorder can also be an important training aid to improve customer service.

Quantify can record telephone calls and radio transmissions from most major manufacturers including Avaya, Aastra, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, Motorola, Rohill and Omnitronics.

The system is particularly effective at tracing, identifying and retrieving calls for chain of evidence audit trails. These audit trails can be used to validate the authenticity and accuracy of recordings.

Recordings are stored on the recorder’s hard drive using a secure proprietary method. The recordings can only be replayed by an authorised user of the voice recording system. This security measure also applies to recordings archived to network storage or Blu-ray discs.

Since 2007 CallTech has been supplying and maintaining Quantify recorders to organisations throughout Australia. We’ve built a reputation for delivering quality recording solutions with highly responsive and proficient support. Our support program includes regular recorder inspections and software updates to ensure reliability and access to the latest features and technology.

Uniphore is an established and respected global provider of Conversational AI and voice recording solutions to a network of over 300 suppliers around the world. By purchasing a Uniphore recorder an organisation is getting a proven reliable product with access to quality local support.

Uniphore is used by over 1,500 enterprises and end clients around the world. Their recorders provide resources to enable the capture, authentication, analysis and evaluation of multimedia communications from a wide range of data sources including fixed line and mobile calls, radio, and screen.

For more information about Uniphore please contact us or view our recording questions page for answers to commonly asked recording questions.