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WA Police - Call Recording Western Australia Police is responsible for policing the largest single police jurisdiction in the world. That’s an area covering 2.5 million square kilometres with a structure comprising 3 regions, 15 districts and over 150 police stations.

WA Police is committed to enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of people throughout Western Australia by:

• Providing better frontline services to the community
• Being responsive and accessible, and
• Providing clear information about the policing services and standards provided.

One area of focus is in the quality of customer service WA Police provide in response and follow up to 000 emergency calls and general enquiries. CallTech’s Red Box recorders are playing their part in helping to streamline and improve this important area of communications.

The Issue

The WA Police Operations Centre and the Police Assistance Centre handles over one million 000 emergency calls and 131444 Police assistance calls a year. All of these calls must be archived to meet strict data retention requirements for subsequent retrieval in the event of legal action (as evidence). Recordings can also be accessed to verify facts such as time, duration, identity of caller etc. This important information needs to be seamlessly recorded and stored. Fast and easy retrieval of recordings for call details and replay is crucial.

The Solution

CallTech was commissioned to install and support two Red Box recorders, running in parallel, at the WA Police Communications Centre. Both of these recorders perform recording of the Ericsson (Aastra) digital telephone handsets in the Police Operations Centre and the Police Assistance Centre. Calls are immediately recorded on the recorders’ hard drives. The recordings are then permanently archived to DVD and to Network Attached Storage to meet the strict data retention requirements. This means there are at least 6 separate copies of the same recording.

These recorders receive extra information via Ericsson Solidus eCare integration. This information is sent across the Local Area Network to the Red Box recorders where details are automatically stored in the annotation fields. This helps end users quickly identify information about where the call originated, the call type and which operator took the call.

CallTech’s expert programming team can design and develop customised solutions to suit all clients’ needs, no matter what the application.

Just another reason why you can count on CallTech.

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