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Red Box VoiceOfficial Partner. Red Box has been building voice recorders for over 25 years. Their recorders have a worldwide reputation for being reliable and easy to use. CallTech has been supplying and maintaining Red Box telephone and radio recorders in Australia since 2007.


AAA HeadsetsAAA Headsets supplies quality telephone headsets and parts to organisations throughout Australia. As part of the CallTech business you can expect the best service in Australia when dealing with AAA Headsets.


OmnitronicsOmnitronics is a leading manufacturer of radio dispatch consoles and Radio over IP (RoIP) network components used by organisations around the world. CallTech can install Red Box Recorders to capture radio transmissions on Omnitronics RoIP networks.


Liquid VoiceLiquid Voice Event Reconstruction allows organisations to combine video, audio, mapped GPS locations and related information in a simple web view. This makes it easy to see who did what, when and where during an incident. CallTech supplies and maintains Liquid Voice systems in Australia.