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Official Partner
In February 2023 Red Box was acquired by Uniphore. Red Box has been building voice recorders for over 30 years. Their recorders have a worldwide reputation for being reliable and easy to use. CallTech has been supplying and maintaining these telephone and radio recorders in Australia since 2007.

Official Partner
Dubber is an Australian cloud-based recording solution for modern soft phones. It is particularly good at recording your MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Zoom calls

Official Partner
Eventide has been building reliable recorders for over 50 years! They are known for their quality radio and telephone recorders use extensively by emergency services and industries throughout the world

AAA Headsets supplies quality telephone headsets and parts to organisations throughout Australia. As part of the CallTech business you can expect the best service in Australia when dealing with AAA Headsets.


Omnitronics is a leading manufacturer of radio dispatch consoles and Radio over IP (RoIP) network components used by organisations around the world. CallTech can install Red Box Recorders to capture radio transmissions on Omnitronics RoIP networks.