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Headsets, believe it or not, can be a bit of a fashion statement as well as a helpful and practical aid to a productive business. Just like shoes, they need to be functional, comfortable, stylish and above all, fit well.

AAA Headsets has been providing headsets, headset parts, accessories, covers, speaker phones and webcams to Australian organisations since 1994. We can also send disposable headphone covers by air to organisations in south east asia and our near neighbours in the pacific.

We are a preferred supplier for many Australian businesses, government departments, schools, hospitals and not-for-profit organisations. We’ve built this reputation based on excellent customer service, headset advice, competitive prices and fast delivery times to any location in Australia. If you are near a major Australian city, you can normally expect your order to arrive in 1 to 2 business days or maybe an extra day or 2 in remote locations. That’s because, unlike most other headset shops, we keep stock at our own Australian warehouse and spend more of our own money to send almost everything to you by air.

While most people shop and purchase our headsets online (at, people can and do visit our East Perth office to browse and buy.

One of the services that makes us so popular is sending out headsets and other products for you to try for free. We know everyone is different so why not have a headset, speaker phone or webcam to try for a week. If you like it, you can buy it. But if the product isn’t suitable, then send it back to us as new, in the original packaging, and you won’t be charged.

We only stock and sell respected global brands like Poly, EPOS (formerly Sennheiser), Jabra and Yealink which are guaranteed to be reliable. These headsets have been safety tested and approved for use in Australia. All these brands are backed by a comprehensive range of parts and accessories and are supported by a team of headset professionals who can offer expert advice and service over the phone.