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Ichthys LNG

Delivering reliable natural gas for the Asia-Oceanic region for an estimated 40 years.

INPEX Central Processing FacilityThe Ichthys oil and gas field was discovered by INPEX Group in 2000. It is located in the browse basin around 200km off the north coast of Western Australia. The Ichthys LNG project comprises of both offshore and onshore facilities which are located over 800km away in Darwin.

It’s basically two giant floating platforms in the ocean known as the Explorer CPF (Central Processing Facility) and Venturer FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading facility). From there an 890km pipeline is used to transport the gas to the Darwin processing facilities.

CallTech began supporting INPEX in 2017, about a year before LNG production commenced.

The Issue

INPEX needed an experienced and reliable Australian partner to help them record all of their critical communications on their offshore floating platforms. They needed to record a variety of devices including public address systems, Rohill TETRA radios, Cisco telephones and satellite phones.

The Solution

Uniphore (formerly Red Box) was the chosen solution because of its reliability, ease of use and ability to capture multiple telecommunication integrations in a single box.

CallTech supports and maintains 2 recorders and 2 archive/media servers located across the offshore facilities. So there is one recorder and media server at the CPF and a separate recorder and media server at the FPSO. Archives from the FPSO are backed up to CPF and the CPF archives are backed up to the FPSO for data redundancy and security.

Originally, the 2 media servers (used for network storage) were physical servers. In 2023 CallTech provided new recorders and virtual media servers requiring less space, resources, maintenance and money.

This is just one of many projects showing you can always count on CallTech.