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Emergency Response

Active Response is CallTech’s fast emergency response system that uses SMS and phone calls to send important messages requiring rapid response and confirmation. Active Response is a vital part of the emergency plan where responses need to be recorded for acknowledgement of receipt and compliance.

Perth Airport, Sydney Airport and Emirates Airlines use this CallTech-developed system to quickly and efficiently contact selected groups of individuals. These specialist contacts respond to situations like fires, bomb threats, accidents, terrorist attacks or other emergencies.

Our Active Response system is easy to install, monitor and activate. It gives a single computer operator access to groups of people who need to be notified and coordinated to respond effectively to an emergency situation.

This innovation means that an emergency response team can be assembled and activated much more quickly than was previously possible using more conventional communication methods.

Active Response can also be used in incident reviews to improve team responses to future emergency situations. After an emergency event or training exercise has concluded, Active Response provides a record of this event. This includes the time the notification was triggered, the message that was sent, who it was sent to, who responded and how they responded.

Case Study – Perth Airport

The Perth Airport Response System (PARS) was installed in 2003. This was the original Active Response system which enabled the emergency response team to assemble in less than 3 minutes. This was a huge improvement on the previous system used by the airport which took about 30 minutes to assemble a team. Over the years Perth Airport and CallTech have worked together to further refine and improve Active Response. Active Response has become an effective tool for triggering the appropriate rapid response to any type of emergency.