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Perth Airport

Perth Airport

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Perth Airport Emergency ResponsePerth Airport is recognised as the fastest growing capital city airport in Australia. There were 13.6 million passengers travelling through the airport during the 2013 financial year representing an eight per cent increase in passenger growth from the previous year. Both domestic and international passenger numbers have doubled over the last eight years.

As a critical public transport infrastructure asset, Perth Airport operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and cannot afford disruptions to operations. It must be geared to respond immediately in the event of an accident or emergency, so instant and reliable communication tools are essential to inform key personnel of issues as they unfold. CallTech worked with Perth Airport to provide a fast, accurate and secure solution that has assisted in this vital process.

CallTech’s Active Response delivers a timely reminder!

The Issue

In a busy airport environment, every second counts when responding to an emergency. It is critical that key personnel and emergency service agencies can respond quickly. Aviation incidents and emergencies are complex and involve a diverse range of stakeholders where awareness and speedy information sharing is crucial.

An emergency call-out system that provides almost instantaneous messaging and confirmation from recipients was needed to ensure efficient incident response.

The Solution

CallTech designed and developed the Perth Airport Response System (PARS) which is now called Active Response. Active Response is a reliable call-out system that enables emergency response teams to respond immediately to potential emergency situations.

When Active Response was first installed at Perth Airport it dramatically reduced notification and response times for airport incidents. All emergency response team members carry mobile phones so Active Response simultaneously calls all of these devices followed by SMS notifications to inform them about the incident. The critical information supplied by Active Response provides staff with all of the important incident details so they are ready to respond quickly and appropriately.

Active Response also allows the Perth Airport management team to track the notifications and responses with detailed incident reporting. This helps with staff training and can be used to improve responses to future incidents.

The simplicity of Active Response allows it to be distributed to emergency groups who, by following simple text or voice prompts, can acknowledge and register their availability to assist and respond.

The system is now used for all emergencies – whether aviation, airside, landside or on the airport estate.

Since installing the first Active Response system at Perth Airport, we have installed similar systems at Sydney Airport and for Emirates Airlines. The system was also recognised at the 2003 Western Australian Information Technology & Telecommunications Awards when it was selected as a finalist in the ‘Telecom Project Award’ Category.

CallTech’s expert programming team can design and develop custom solutions to suit all client needs, no matter what the application.

Just another reason why you can count on CallTech.

Perth Airport Feedback

CallTech was commissioned by Perth Airport to design and develop an effective and efficient call-out system that enabled a split-second response to potential emergency situations.

CallTech designed the computer based Perth Airport Response System (PARS) that enables immediate notification to be sent to key staff, emergency response agency personnel, government and other stakeholders. The PARS SMS system reduces the time required to disseminate critical information, ensuring rapid awareness and preparation for emergency response. The system also allows key personnel to track responses to the notification.

The system is efficient and enables fast and effective communication during incident responses.

Jessica Reid
Communications Officer