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Mobile Location Services

Describing your location accurately can be difficult and when you require help it can cause inconvenience or result in serious problems.

Accidents, fires and breakdowns typically require quick response times. Where location information is inaccurate then valuable time is lost responding to the problem.

Equally when people are reporting graffiti, potholes and wandering livestock, location information is critical to fixing these problems quickly and efficiently.


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A Simple Phone Call With Location Information Can Make a Difference

We have created Graffiti Reporter, Cycling Hazard Reporter, Roadside Locator, Threat Reporter and Hazard Reporter to address specific needs.

Graffiti Reporter
Graffiti Reporter – Video
Cycle Hazard Reporter
Cycle Hazard – Video
Roadside Locator
Roadside Locator – Video
Threat Reporter
Threat Reporter – Video
Hazard Reporter
Hazard Reporter – Video

A telephone call from a smart phone is the most effective way to receive this information. Less than 8% of all smart phones have Apps that can provide locations for ad hoc reporting.

If you have location requirements that are not being met please call us on 1800 666 234 to discuss.