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Share, See, Solve

We’ve all had the experience of trying to explain a procedure to someone over the phone. You know what they should be seeing and doing, but it seems like things get lost in translation. Sharing your knowledge with words alone is a lesson in frustration.  In the end you throw your hands up in despair, and say “Can you email me some photos?”

Then the wait begins, you sit wondering why it takes so long to take a photo or two with their mobile phone. When the email finally arrives, the pictures are blurry or don’t show what you need. If only they had taken a picture of the back, or a bit more to the left. Maybe it’s time to make a site visit.

With Eyeball, you share your customers mobile phone camera.  So you can see the problem, reducing the time it takes to solve.

Easily share video from smartphone

Easily share video from smartphone


Reduce the need for costly onsite visits

Solve customer issues on first contact

Works on any PC or mobile phone

Monthly subscription – no lock in contracts