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Event Reconstruction

Liquid Voice Event Reconstruction is the perfect tool for reviewing critical incidents. It allows an organisation to combine all related information in a simple web-based overview to see who did what, when and where. Information that can be captured and displayed by Event Reconstruction includes audio, video, CAD screens, SMS, email and GPS location.

The following Event Reconstruction screen shows the police response to a carjacking incident. The top section lists 7 police assets and the aircraft feed has been selected. The bottom section shows video and audio from the aircraft as well as a map displaying movements of the aircraft and other police assets at the time.

Event Reconstruction


Event Reconstruction can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Public safety – As illustrated in the example above, public safety organisations can examine exactly how incidents were handled. This can be used as a training tool to improve future incident responses or might be provided as evidence
  • Dispute resolution – All recorded customer interactions are displayed in a clear overview so it’s easy to see who did what and when. This will normally result in faster dispute resolution.
  • Compliance – Businesses can use this tool to confirm all communications meet regulatory and corporate requirements
  • Staff safety – monitor the location and communication of field based staff to ensure their safety
  • Security – monitor security incidents including mobile security staff and interactions with the control room.

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